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27 September 2005

Opening statement!

Hmmm. Why post here at all? Well, it's because I went to a discussion group last night, and the topic started out being 'globalism'. This got me rather interested, especially when people were talking about reading blogs from all around the world. I also got irritated by how the left-wing take things for granted. I am from the political field too, but I dislike their lack of analysis on a certain set of issues that they take as given and irrefutable. It's just suffocating.

The second reason I wanted to set a blog up was because I got asked what I was doing last Monday and I had no idea! I had totally forgotten. This woke me up to the fact that my life is dull and meaningless. Perhaps the saving measure is this blog: perhaps I can inject meaning into my life by posting about it?

And finally, I am so annoyed at the current world right now. It's mainly to do with politics and the demise of the Left in Australia. On a Federal level, Labor is totally fucked. I like Mark Latham and wish he formed a new party. However, I should first wait to have his book available, then read it, then see if I still hold that belief!

Why must the Right wean its way into the ALP and the Liberal party. I wonder if a time will come when we have no need for 'conservative forces' in politics. But I guess aging, as a natural process, creates conservatives. It's a sad but true fact of life!

So keep in touch and expect to hear from me.


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