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05 October 2005

Restuarant Twelve sux!

We went to restaurant Twelve just down on King St last night. It was far too over-priced for the shockingly bad level of service. The waitresses (no guys) were as if from a Mattel box. The food itself was okay, but the spinach gnocchi I could have had anywhere, and they would probably have been more perky. There was no atmosphere either. It was just loud and full of sharp lines and smooth, monochromatic planes. Not my idea of a good time at all.

The fact that Ms Accent forgot our order—she offered the dessert menu before the mains had arrived!—was a real let-down and held us up. I hate all these pseudo-Italian or pseudo-Euro places with Anglophonic chefs or owners names under the entrance. They’re thoroughly pretentious and if they can’t deliver a good night out and a decent plate of pasta for an entrée of $15 and a main of $20, well they should just be bombed out of existence.

I will attempt to do more reading today. I fell asleep yesterday whilst listening to 2MBS… I guess it was bound to happen. Must stay focussed!


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