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16 February 2006

A French dinner?

Well I finally had a full and proper taste of one French delicacy, and one nibble of another. The first was foie gras… which I must say is truly divine. It is like pâté but magnified a zillion times in complexity of flavour and texture. The second was a part of a slice of a truffle which is absolutely delicious. It is like chocolate, but nicer; it is like mushroom, but nicer; it is like butter, but nicer; it is like… well, you hopefully get the idea. We went to eat at Bilson’s which was truly delicious. Strange thing was each and every dish was $30… so your bill was just a multiple of the number of dishes you had. New concept, but I hesitate to say it makes sense.

What else… ah yes… how could I forget that we had that Moët et Chandon vintage 1999? Yummers… a night of sickly indulgence. What topped it off for me was the raspberry soufflé which was just decadent and a struggle to finish!


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