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27 September 2005

Sydney weather and roaches!

This is a test post with the new MS Word extension.

While I’m at it, I should rant a little about the weather in Sydney. I just wish the warmth would come. I thought I was a gloomy, winter person who loved grey clouds etc. But guess what, I’m not. I yearn for that lovely sun to pierce the sky and let me finally enter the pool.

Another Sydney thing I have had trouble getting used to is cockroaches. Now, apparently, these pests are a standard feature here, especially in inner-city living. No matter where you go, you can expect to see them. This is rather different to Adelaide, where the house was as filthy, if not more so, yet we didn’t see any. It must have something to do with the humidity—a reason, perhaps, not to look forward to the summer.


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