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07 October 2005

Some delightful talkback from 2SM

Caller, Cedric, says Gary Stewart this morning had a lady on who was a Catholic who had married an Anglican person but it didn't matter. He says these days, when it comes to religion, rules mean nothing. He says in the secular world, rules and regulations are everything, if there's money involved. Delaney says the law applies to everybody but religious procedures and protocols don't. He says Christians have an indifference to their God, which is a problem. He says there is a snowballing effect of Islam going on. He says one should be worried about the release of terrorists in Indonesia. They discuss Abu Bakhar Bashir and his role in the Bali bombings. They discuss the possibility of reducing foreign aid to Indonesia. Cedric says Muslims are proud of their faith, but are not a proud people. He says most Muslims are nice people. They agree that there is some mistrust in the community about them, but this is often unfounded. It is the extremists who are a worry.
Delaney says Suzy Dent has written a book called 'Fanboys and Overdogs: the language report". He says the fanboy is a guy who's absorbed by a passion for comic books or computer games. The book looks at newly-coined words that will enter the dictionary in 10 years' time or so. It has examine the English language and its changes in the past 100 years. Last year's Word of the Year was 'podcasting'. This year's front-runner is 'sudoku'. He says in language today there is a tendency to 'big up' the language. Nothing is ever good or great, but rather 'over-wicked' and 'uber-buff'. Experts are 'meisters' and job titles have suffered this inflation. He gives various examples. The word 'crunk' is a conjunction of 'crazy' and 'drunk'.


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