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15 October 2005

A weekend in the country!

Yes, yes.
My mate Brad drove me up to near Maitland. It's beautiful in this part of Australia. We went to an antique auction preview, which was nice. Then to the bowling club buffet where I pigged out, especially on the dessert menu.
It's so quiet here, and being woken up by birdsong is enchanting! I am so lazy, can't be bothered to do anything... which I guess is okay, but I can't help feel unproductive--not that I'd do anything to rectify the situation.
This birdflu problem in Romania is quite a worry. I hope they resolve it soon. Speaking of which, where the fuck is my passport for that country? I want it. I may call the consulate! Not sure what time we're heading back to Sydney and I'm not that game to ask. It's probably best I just let that decision be made by the driver. I wish the weather would warm up... I feel like going for a swim at out pool.
They have delicious sourdough bread here. It's so yum, I may take the kalamata olive variety back down to Sydney.
Well, enough for now. My fucking Nokia 7600 is still annoying me. I wonder if it's Optus' fault or the phone per se? I will pursue the matter when I have more time. I really should get more reading done.


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