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28 September 2005

Well I had soon bett

Well, I had soon better go and watch the Frasier tapes from last night, which was on at the same time as a new Simpsons episode. Dinner was chicken, which was nice, but my goddam pastry efforts never lead to fruition. I may just do a pastry course so I know what the hell is involved!

I still have homework today, which I know I have to do but I am so so slack. There is so much paper… who would have though, working with documents. My logic is I watch some TV then dive into the work in earnest. Problem is, it never works that way.

Last night, the ABC’s new culture show, Vulture, aired for the first time. It was pretty lame/tame. It’s fishing for a broad appeal… which is always depressing. However, I did like the arthouse film sendup… the fourth colour, Green… hehe. They were also talking about the presence of postmodernism in highschool English curricula around the country. I am still unsure as to where I stand on the issue. The dumbing-down of the curriculum, to include texts not from the canon, such as ads, newspaper articles and other ephemera is supposed to be more democratic. But I can’t be an advocate of something I didn’t receive, can I? In my education, it was pretty much classics all the way, and I am so thankful because their sheer beauty and profundity touch me to this day. How on earth are the present students to dive so deeply into the human condition when they read film scripts and films, but not the novel the movie is based on?

In my Year 12 English, the texts I chose for my private comparative study were based on BBC period dramas (adaptations) of classics which aired on the ABC and which I really liked. So I first saw the adaptation, then read the books and studied them. I can still vividly remember Fielding’s Tom Jones and Thackeray’s ‘’ and Jude the Obscure, most likely because I had initially seen them on TV. I may just be a very visual person…


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