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20 October 2005

USYD Fisher Library

I am so fucken pissed off at Uni of Sydney Fisher Library right now. They have no access to Libraries Australia unless you do it through the tedious librarian who has no idea of even how to spell ‘cosmopolitanism’. Then they refuse to order a book from another uni because they have it in their collection already, even though someone else has borrowed it and its return would take a week! Today’s events, and others in the past, have demonstrated to me that the FL is more interested with money and balancing etc budgets than with help students do their research. It must be a Sydney thing to do though… long gone are the days of Adelaide Uni where I could borrow gratis any book from UniSA or Flinders Uni. OUCHIES!

I am very determined to sit in front of Fisher and hand out pamphlets of what I think is wrong with the system. Instead of nailing theses to the door, I shall hand them out. I wonder if I have to speak to student council etc bullshit about such a move, or whether I can just get a chair/table and sit! Oh, and would Campus Security, which is of course contracted out, come and remove me? I think library reform is crucial to a properly functioning university.

Now I have to go to UNSW and pay $50 for an annual fee that expires on Feb 28 (not kidding) just because I want to borrow a book. Some cunt has borrowed almost the entire Kymlicka oeuvre out of Fisher. I think I may know who it is, but I’m not going to point the ‘dirty’ multi-culti finger!


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