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20 November 2005


The Australia Republican Movement     

I was handing out pamphlets today for the ARM ( and was quite stunned by the extreme apathy of the people at passing through the Glebe Fair. Most of them were ignoring me. Some were outright rude, whilst other looked away, or through me. Of those who were interested, the majority were enthusiastic and courteous. I used to think Australia was 51% monarchist, 49% republican. Now, I’m not so sure. I wouldn’t say 10% republican and 90% monarchist; more like 10% political and 90% apolitical and apathetic—to the point of ignorance.

There is a huge difference between informed apathy/apolity and uninformed a/a. I am afraid that education is crucial to creating an informed polity who is involved and enthusiastic about politics. Of course, it follows that uninformed masses are more desirable to the ‘system quo’ than an in formed body politic. I believe change cannot be thrust onto the deaf mass from the elite; rather the mass must be educated and be made aware of the machinations of politics so they lose the ‘dead eye suburbanite’ appearance as they amble through the Glebe Fair. The fact that this level of apathy was registered at an Inner West fair is most disturbing… I wonder how much it increases further west? Or maybe it is a paradox and pleasant delights away out West. Somehow though, if I am hold onto the thesis that education is key, I doubt there is a surprise awaiting us!


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