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28 September 2005

Mediocre nighttime muchies!

Just had some very mediocre ‘Italian’ food from Glebe. I can’t even recall the restaurant’s name, but we ended up there because Atelier kicked us out… well, they said they were over-booked. The entré was stingy, consisting of one prawn and one scallop: the rest was calamari.

Then there was the main-size pasta for $21, which was okay, except it had to be sent back because it wasn’t properly cooked. And the waitress had the cheek to say it was meant to be that way: it’s what they call “al dente”. That was quite hilarious!
There was also a British bimbo who would have felt more comfy in a rave or some other place where drugs and disorientation are the norm. All up an awful night. We tried to go before-hand to the Ultimo Wine Centre, but arrived just as they were closing. I had three minutes inside. My hunt for the sparkling Riesling goes on. I shall have to contact Skillagalee myself, methinks. Or go to Alsace… which is what everyone seems to be intimating.


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