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19 January 2006

A night at the movies

So we went to the Sydney Hard Rock Café last night. It was a disgrace. The girl at the front, after saying ‘2 minutes, I just have to go set some tables’ and showing other diners to their table, came back and said we could dine there, but it would be ’10 or 15’ mins’ wait while she set up the table. Well naturally we couldn’t be stuffed, so we walked out. We had to be at a screening of John Waters’ A Dirty Shame by 21:00 and it was already 19:50. This is the second time we have tried to go to HRC without much success. Maybe next time?

I really loved the film. It was hilarious. Ho was too tired to watch it with any sort of alertness, but this morning he said it was a good film. It was nice to be in a cinema for a ‘one-off’ screening. Reminded me of my reviewing days. I must do something to get back into that game… I miss it too much!


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