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14 December 2005

For problems with MS Word!

For problems with MS Word!

11 December 2005

Chatting with whales

Well, I had a fun encounter on chat with a flabby fellow from the gold coast. Below I provide the hilarious banter, sure to enliven any web surfing experience!

«cuddlyboi40» at least i dont trawl the shithouse for some fanciful wannabe survey u sick fuck.  and ive never had a complaint re' my man boobs. you should get off the couch , strip off , and take a pic of woteva you've got under those lowes clothes
«evdaemonia» hehe... you pink bourgeois fuck... worrying about the label clothes carry   it's VILE
«cuddlyboi40» woteva  
«evdaemonia» hehe
«evdaemonia» come on
«cuddlyboi40» take an ad out in new idea or something and leave the chat room for us real men, u new age picasso dipshit
«evdaemonia» at least dame edna makes being old and camp funny... you make it tragic :D
«cuddlyboi40» dear o dear that the best u can do?
«cuddlyboi40» try readin a newspaper instead of a dunny wall mate, u might learn something
«evdaemonia» what... the daily telegraph ?   hehe
«cuddlyboi40» i think you need to be on your own planet mate
«evdaemonia» you need an entire planet to hold you up :D
«cuddlyboi40» lucky im not down there buddy or id knock ur block off
«evdaemonia» hehe
«evdaemonia» resorting to physically violence...
«evdaemonia» how...   erotically charged!
«cuddlyboi40» well , ican do that or murder you with words, but why bother when u only have a peanut up top ?
«evdaemonia» what have you got?   a glacé cherry?
«cuddlyboi40» ur just a prick mate, thats all . full stop. go find yourself a basketweaving class
«evdaemonia» what makes you le creme de la creme of intellectual elitism?
«cuddlyboi40» im not , im just a bloke with common sense who would rather inspire ppl with information other than that found on a toilet wall you idiot
«evdaemonia» you only have one language and 'multi stream incomes'... says lots
«evdaemonia» what hell is that, anyway
«evdaemonia» multi-stream...?
«cuddlyboi40» it means none of ur business
«evdaemonia» hehe... it's a pseudo occupation for big fat gold-coast dwelling sand-whales :D
«cuddlyboi40» oh dear , back to primary school
«evdaemonia» well, unlike you, i still remember my pmy school days
«cuddlyboi40» next time im in newtown , i'll make you my hood ornament
«cuddlyboi40» bit of road kill mate
«evdaemonia» i bet you drive a 4WD!
«cuddlyboi40» a honda actually
«evdaemonia» oh, damn...
«cuddlyboi40» i can put a bullbar on it if u want
«evdaemonia» i gtg now
«evdaemonia» twas fun
«cuddlyboi40» i bet
«cuddlyboi40» get a life mate
«cuddlyboi40» on sale
«cuddlyboi40» at woolies
«cuddlyboi40» ailse 4
«cuddlyboi40» $5.66
«cuddlyboi40» your names on one of em
«evdaemonia» yours is on sale at ALDI, specials bin, $0.99 ono :D
«cuddlyboi40» too late . i beat u again
«evdaemonia» demonstrate how
«cuddlyboi40» :P pfffh
«cuddlyboi40» cya
«cuddlyboi40» read also
«cuddlyboi40» fuck off