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28 February 2006

Race issues online

Talk about entertaining!!



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28/02/2006 12:08:24 PM: Me = {footnotefetish} <->{sharoncuneta} Profile='m|25|Frenchs Forest' FROM=Asian START PRIVATE CHAT

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28/02/2006 12:10:00 PM: {sharoncuneta}I am no longer signed in!

27 February 2006

A glimpse of excitement?

Hello and welcome to the wondrous world of media monitoring...! Posted by Picasa

Danger, Danger! Magpies!

This is one for Howo. I thought of you when I passed this sign in a park. I wonder how common such warnings are, both elsewhere in AU and in the world! Posted by Picasa

24 February 2006

Egyptian Jelly

Well I tried to make this jelly from Egypt twice. The second time I stirred much more thoroughly and it worked. There were still nastly gelatin deposits in the bottom of the plate! Posted by Picasa

21 February 2006

David Irving to serve 3 yrs jail on Holocaust Denial

Of course he will appeal, but the question on limitations of free speach if fascinating, especially given the Mohammed cartoons of late!

Irving jailed for denying Holocaust. 21/02/2006. ABC News Online
An Austrian court has found the right-wing British historian David Irving guilty of denying the Holocaust and sentenced him to three years in prison Irving appeared stunned by the verdict and says

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19 February 2006

Ronnie Johns Half Hour and Islam

According to their webiste, they were issued with a Fatwa
( They also
claim to host on their site a skit what was banned from the version of
their show aired on Channel 10 tonight. But I looked at the clip
( but I can't see any
difference between that and the aired skit. I am really confused. Did
anyone notice a difference, or find the right clip (without the word
'clean' in the filename?)

Thanks in advance.

16 February 2006

Princes Hwy, SE South Australia

Somewhere between Adelaide and Mt Gambier (SA) on the Princes Hwy
 Posted by Picasa

A French dinner?

Well I finally had a full and proper taste of one French delicacy, and one nibble of another. The first was foie gras… which I must say is truly divine. It is like pâté but magnified a zillion times in complexity of flavour and texture. The second was a part of a slice of a truffle which is absolutely delicious. It is like chocolate, but nicer; it is like mushroom, but nicer; it is like butter, but nicer; it is like… well, you hopefully get the idea. We went to eat at Bilson’s which was truly delicious. Strange thing was each and every dish was $30… so your bill was just a multiple of the number of dishes you had. New concept, but I hesitate to say it makes sense.

What else… ah yes… how could I forget that we had that Moët et Chandon vintage 1999? Yummers… a night of sickly indulgence. What topped it off for me was the raspberry soufflé which was just decadent and a struggle to finish!

13 February 2006

The Laws of Chess

For anyone serious about playing chess: “The Laws of Chess” @

12 February 2006

A round of putt-putt

I just thought I'd put this up and show the whole world how we went. Look at the totals. It's quite hilarious. The play we went is technically in Ermington, so it made it hard to find but we did in the end. A great day out! Posted by Picasa

10 February 2006

One for Scarlett fans

Not sure if you've seen this but it's from the Vanity Fair photoshoot.

Have a good weekend.

06 February 2006

Muslim cartoons

Okay, so I’m too chicken to put the satirical Muslim cartoons on my blog, but I can give you a link to them: This guy is brave!