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27 November 2005

Poor & Fat

20 November 2005


The Australia Republican Movement     

I was handing out pamphlets today for the ARM ( and was quite stunned by the extreme apathy of the people at passing through the Glebe Fair. Most of them were ignoring me. Some were outright rude, whilst other looked away, or through me. Of those who were interested, the majority were enthusiastic and courteous. I used to think Australia was 51% monarchist, 49% republican. Now, I’m not so sure. I wouldn’t say 10% republican and 90% monarchist; more like 10% political and 90% apolitical and apathetic—to the point of ignorance.

There is a huge difference between informed apathy/apolity and uninformed a/a. I am afraid that education is crucial to creating an informed polity who is involved and enthusiastic about politics. Of course, it follows that uninformed masses are more desirable to the ‘system quo’ than an in formed body politic. I believe change cannot be thrust onto the deaf mass from the elite; rather the mass must be educated and be made aware of the machinations of politics so they lose the ‘dead eye suburbanite’ appearance as they amble through the Glebe Fair. The fact that this level of apathy was registered at an Inner West fair is most disturbing… I wonder how much it increases further west? Or maybe it is a paradox and pleasant delights away out West. Somehow though, if I am hold onto the thesis that education is key, I doubt there is a surprise awaiting us!

18 November 2005


I have been so fucken slack these last few weeks. I just want to finish my work and enjoy the summer like normal people. Why won’t you let me live?!

I scary thought struck me not long ago today. Is my yearning/‘homesickness’ for Romania indicative of (a) my inability to be assimilated into Australia (and the implications for Aust. nation-building failing? (b) just my fault and not indicative of my generation/people in my similar circumstances/background, and therefore just my idiosyncrasy?          Worse, if I find a solution, what will it mean for who I am and what I must do to achieve happiness? I will write a letter to The Australian expressing my thoughts and invite responses via email.

07 November 2005

Riots Parisien

Hello this working. I am really hungry today. Just got back from an exam at Sydney Uni, and after I finish reheating last night's leftover Asian food and sausages, I plan to get cracking with some more essay writing. Riots in Paris had been going on now for 11 days, and I'm getting quite worrying. Am not sure why am I should be were it doesn't really affect me at all.  But the something disturbing about seeing France, a monument of Republicanism embroiled in such an ugly fight between groups.  I guess it also signifies a weakening--or the chance of one-- within the EU, which of course affects the rest of Europe and particularly those countries which have acceded or plan to exceed very soon. My food is almost ready so I should say goodbye and see you some other time.

05 November 2005

An island off the Norther Territory

Just look at the bizarre shape of the water! I looks so strange, like a leaf! Posted by Picasa

02 November 2005


I have only today emerged from what I can say is a bad and annoying cold. The symptoms were the worst part: runny/red nose and headache. I was not happy! The timing was all wrong, because I have essays due. I have come up with a good story idea, a firm idea the likes of which I have not had since last year’s “I now know God”. When I have more time, I shall write it. We now have a car, which means we can travel more easily!