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26 April 2006


Okay, so how often do I laugh with tears in my eyes?

11 April 2006

Restaurants in Sydney

"Patricia Fung, the director of the Melbourne restaurant which was knocked out of a list of the world's top 50 has congratulated the two Sydney ones which did make it. They are Tetsuya, which is fifth and Rockpool, which was 30th. The Flower Drum in Melbourne failed to make the list this year. El Bulli in N Spain regained the title of first in the world. Wilton says he has never been to Tetsuya's or Rockpool and wants to know what makes a good restaurant. He says some restaurants are 'too flush'. He says many fine dining places in Sydney closed down because people weren't going. He wants to know listeners' favourite restaurants and why."

03 April 2006

Ah, this was truly an amazing sight/site. The bushwalking around here is fantastic. I want more! Posted by Picasa