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15 March 2007

[OT] Dodgy Viet Bakery

I need on what to do about an event at a Newtown (NSW) bakery 30 mins
ago. I bought a custard tart but I could tell once she handed it to me
that the top was dark yellow so it was old (yesterday's). I folded back
the foil plate thingy and the crust was all soft, moist and fell apart.
I went straight back and asked for a fresh one. She says 'All same, all
same... baked this morning' etc but she gave me a new one. The fresh one
was, as expected, not prone to falling apart and the custard's surface
was a light yellow.

My question is does this happen often? Has it happened to you? Should I
drop it or follow it with authorities? And who then, hypothetically, is
the relevant agency in NSW? Please enlighten me.

06 March 2007

Kevin Rudd

Just a test run.

This is just a test. Look at the outcome of today's Newspoll published in The Australian. I think it shows that Howard et al's attacks on Rudd and his contact with Burke are not sticking. While it's true that support for Rudd has fallen a few percentage points, the ALP's 2-party pref. rating is actually higher!


And I really do not know what everyone out there understand from the whole attack. The encounter does not come across as innately bad. Most of the comments tend to agree, pointing out at the Iraq war and the AWB wheat kickbacks are more concerning by far. It seems to me they are fanning flames from feeble embers because they have nothing else.